An insurance website should focus on some specific elements to improve the user experience of the client and increase conversions, customer retention and satisfaction. We have tried to write down a simple check list of the things you should not miss when managing an insurance website. 

The features that every insurance company site should include 

Some of the following features should be included on the insurance site, as they are both demanded by customers and are a signal of the high-quality level of the website and company. 

  • Easiness of use 

An insurance website should make the search for the information as easy as possible. Users want to complete their operations quicklysuch as checking the pricing and offers, compare different packages and paying for the insurance policy. On European Reliance, for example, you can select, first of all, if you are a business or an individual and then you can pick your insurance choice. This is a way to quickly present different choices looking at the target that is using the website in that specific moment. 

  • Design and speed 

Being a quite formal industry, the client should focus more on the packages offered rather than on complicated design, which should be modern and professional, clean and simple. The site should load fast and smoothly. Asfaleies Minetta, for instance, uses friendly images on the homepage and shows immediately the main services offered.  

  • Package options and price comparison 

Insurance customers want to feel they can get the best deal and want to protect their life, home, family, travel. One way to meet their expectations is to give the users the opportunity to clearly understand the type of risks covered and being transparent about the price, in order to make an informed decision about the purchase. On the website of Zurich-Connect there are two predominant colors that indicate at a first sight the main offers available on their products (car, home, travel insurance, etc).  

  • Advice and information 

It is important that users can find the right information about the types of risks, how an insurance policy works, useful tips for their daily life: it is a good idea to write a blog about insurance topics, coverage, and related matters. Quixa, for example, has a blog dedicated to insurance related topics and inform the customers about latest news.  

 Groupama.gr has a section dedicated to the words related to the insurance activities and a dictionary to inform the customers about various procedures and definitions often encountered in insurance activities. 

  • Immediate support 

In order to avoid losing clients during the purchasing process, the optimal solution is to offer immediate support to answer to any questions they might have, as purchasing an insurance and evaluating the options can be tricky. Phone support is good, but live chat is great and effective as Zurich-Connect does.  

  • Payment solutions 

Payment methods should allow the user to pay in fast way, in a few steps and should be secure and trusted, in order to offer users a good perception so that they are willing to complete the purchase and won’t abandon the cart because they feel unsure or worried. 

Why an insurance site should offer MyBank as a payment method 

MyBank is a great choice for an insurance website because it allows the users to pay for their insurance policy on the insurance company website in a few clicks, by redirecting the user to the usual familiar online banking secure environment of their own banks. They will be able to access and authorise the payment with their usual user credentials (username, password, and token). Moreover a MyBank user can buy high priced insurances packages without the fear of not having enough money on its credit card (read: plafond issue). Asfaleies Minetta, European Reliance, QuixaZurich-Connect are some of the insurance merchants that already choose MyBank as payment solution on the online website.  


Some elements such as transparent pricing, easy package comparisons, immediate support and secure and trusted payment methods should be present on an insurance website to offer clients a great browsing and purchasing process. MyBank helps the insurance companies with this, being a secure, trusted, reliable and fast payment method. 

4 Apr 2019



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MyBank privati