What is MyBank and how to use its secure payment solution

How does MyBank work? MyBank is a payment solution that allows consumers and businesses to pay easily and securely from their own bank account, with no amount limit.

MyBank for your online travel purchases!

MyBank also allows you to pay any travel-related purchases directly from your own bank account, from the comfort of your home. An alternative to credit cards for payments with no amount limit (provided the necessary funds’ availability on the account).

Netcomm Forum 2019: Interview to Giorgio Ferrero, CEO of  PRETA, the company that owns and manages MyBank.

MyBank is an alternative payment method. It is an inclusive solution able to effectively meet B2B, B2C and Public Administration sectors’ needs.

EbaDay 2019: interview to John Broxis and Tarik Zerkti

Interview  to John Broxis, Open Banking Europe Managing Director at PRETA and Tarik Zerkti, MyBank Managing Director at PRETA, focusing on Open Banking Europe and PSD2.

Salone dei Pagamenti 2017: interview to Giorgio Ferrero, CEO of PRETA/MyBank

A conversation on the world of payments and the remarkable growth of MyBank.

Are you a business wishing to start collecting payments with MyBank? This video is for you !

MyBank is a payment solution that allows businesses to collect payments directly from their customers’ own bank account, thus avoiding payments with credit cards or cheques.