MyBank payments are available to more users in Europe: are you one of these?

New Banks MyBank
  • E-payment solution MyBank has extended its reach to additional countries in Europe
  • Discover the new banks accepting MyBank payments in Italy, Belgium, Spain and Portugal
  • Learn more about how MyBank works and what benefits it provides

MyBank has been offering account-to-account SEPA payments for more than a decade.
Its solution enables citizens and businesses to pay online via prefilled, irrevocable bank transfers with immediate confirmation and no maximum transaction amount limit, while benefiting from the highest privacy and data protection standards in digital transactions.

New banks for MyBank payers

Since summer 2023, MyBank has extended its reach in an increasingly number of countries in Europe and is now available for more and more payers.
If you are an account holder of the following banks, you can now use MyBank to pay online:

Italy: Crédit Agricole ItaliaHello bank!FinecoMediolanumBNLIllimityBPER BancaBanco di Sardegna

Belgium: BelfiusCBCKBCKBC BrusselsINGBeobank

Spain: BBVAIbercaja CaixaBank

Portugal: BPIMillennium bcpNovobanco – Caixa Geral de Depósitos

To check the full list of banks and further Payment Service Providers (PSPs) offering MyBank, visit

Where can you pay with MyBank?
Here you will find a list of some of the 14000 merchants that have activated MyBank: MyBank merchants – MyBank.

How to pay with MyBank?

Paying with MyBank is simple, frictionless and secure.

  • When you are ready to pay, select MyBank and choose your bank on the dedicated list;
  • You will automatically be re-directed to your online banking Login page;
  • Enter your usual credentials to access the online banking portal;
  • Check the prefilled payment information and authorize the transaction with one click.

Good to know
MyBank exclusively works with instant payments for some banks.
Please ensure that this option is active for your account and that your limit is high enough to enable your payments to go through. This can generally be done via your online or mobile banking portals.

Why choose MyBank?

Here are the main MyBank features and benefits for payers:

  • Immediacy
    Real-time transaction confirmation for both payers and payees.
  • Pre-filled bank transfer form
    Fast and frictionless: the payment information will be available on the bank transfer form.
  • No amount limits
    No maximum amount limit is set by MyBank allowing high value payments to be authorized.
  • No activation needed
    No need for new registrations, additional passwords or apps to download. Your existing credentials for accessing the online banking service are everything you need.
  • Secure transactions
    Transactions via MyBank are secure: its e-authorisation process is based on a SCA architecture and on up-to-date secure web standards and protocols.
  • Traceable payments
    All payments are recorded on your bank account: any transactions can be monitored and traced.

At present, the growing MyBank network counts over 260 participating PSPs and more than 14,000 businesses offering its solution to their customers.

MyBank is a trusted pan-European payment solution, with monthly transactions exceeding one billion euros value in 2023.

If you are a business or organization interested in offering MyBank payments to customers, check our dedicated website section.