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MyBank, the pan-European e-authorisation solution developed by PRETA enabling users to make online payments via real-time bank wire transfers, is pleased to announce its significant further growth in the Tourism sector. Compared with the same period of 2018, its usage has seen an increase of +35% in July: numbers confirm that Tourism is a crucial driving force within the e-commerce scenario even as far as payments processed from bank accounts is concerned.

One of the sectors mostly affected by digital transformation, Tourism grows at twice the speed of other industries with a progression that is estimated to be unstoppable for at least the next 20 years.

In Italy alone, E-Tourism is worth 14.2 billion Euros, contributing – according to 2019 estimates by the Observatory for Digital Innovation in Tourism at Politecnico di Milano – for a quarter to the total value of Tourism. Transport is the main category with 61% of total online transactions, followed by accommodation (29%) and packages (10%).

While a significant decline in the number of ‘non-digital tourists’ continues to be registered, smartphone usage for planning all holiday phases is booming: last year, mobile purchases for Travel and Tourism amounted to more than 2,5 billions Euros in Italy (+46%).

Undoubtedly, consumers’ key behavioral trend is to plan and purchase their holiday directly from their smartphone, while sitting on their sofa. After a first search for information and virtual exploration of the selected destination, users can create the entire holiday and often benefit from online exclusive discounts and special deals.

However, with financial cyber attack claims amounting to 38 million Euros reported to the Italian Police3 in 2018 alone, purchasing from safe websites via secure and reliable payment methods is more vital than ever.

“MyBank is an increasingly trust-building solution. Extremely secure for both e-shoppers and e-retailers, MyBank payment method relies on the highly secure architecture of online banking and places customers first, it protects their digital identity as well as all their sensitive data thanks to a purchase experience that takes place directly on their internet banking.” – commented Giorgio Ferrero, CEO of PRETA, the company that owns and manages MyBank – “Also in the E-Travel sector, our user-friendly, frictionless purchase solution continues to gain appreciation: 2019 summer season data confirm that MyBank is chosen by an increasing number of digital tourists”.

During the peak travel season, when most bookings and holiday-related purchases are made, MyBank usage within the Tourism industry has once again registered a remarkable growth when compared with the same period of last year: +38% in April, +13% in May, and 31% in June.

Security and ease of use are key features of MyBank payments: having selected MyBank and their own bank on the e-commerce payment page, customers automatically redirected to their home banking, where they can log in with their usual credentials to authorise the pre-filled credit transfer form. Therefore, no new registrations or new passwords are needed. Moreover, MyBank payments have no amount limits.

MyBank solution is already available on several transport service websites, including Air Italy, Trenitalia, Moby Lines, Grimaldi Lines, Tirrenia, Minoan Lines, SEA, Allbus, Nugo app. It is also available on the website of different tour operators, such as Alpitour, Veratour, Easy Market Travel Solutions,, Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze,, Eden Viaggi, and further more.

“We have been very early adopters of MyBank payment system: we are using it in a B2C environment since 2014. We are fully aware of the benefits this payment tool provides: real-time, easy-to-use, fast, secure and able to protect both businesses and their customers. Adding MyBank to our payment methods has meant secure payments collection on our own internet banking, thus avoiding any steps on third-party platforms and ensuring an excellent customer experience, fully in line with digital strategy.” said Gian Luca Filippi, CEO of

“European payment solution MyBank is among our methods available to both B2C and B2B customers since a long time already. It ensures the highest level of security to buyers and sellers, and it has great success with a very wide target audience.” – said Francesca Marino, Passenger Department Manager at Grimaldi Lines – “We are highly focused on the quality of services that are offered to our passengers before and after their journey, on innovation and security: three features that we also recognise in this transparent and real-time payment tool”.

Rossen Dimitrov, Chief Operating Officer of Air Italy, said: “We recently included MyBank among our payment services which, thanks to its security and simplicity features for us and our customers, provides an optimal tool for managing online payments through real-time bank transfers. The number of MyBank transactions has already doubled between the first and second month of introduction and we are working to expand MyBank payment also to our B2B services.”

Thanks to the many industry partners, users may even organise their holiday entirely online while relying on the secure and stress-free MyBank payment solution.

7 Aug 2019

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