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In Italy, many Public Administration bodies already offer their users, citizens and businesses the opportunity to pay digitally by MyBank. 

The PagoPA system has among its objectives the standardization of procedures to eliminate long waiting times at the counters, for the benefit of the users. Currently, around 13,000 Public Administrations are active on this platform. 

Sharing the goal of making electronic payments faster, more immediate and transparent, MyBank has also been included in the PagoPA payments node to provide citizens and businesses with the opportunity to pay directly via their online banking for payments processed with this platform. 

Now let’s see a simple guide to make payments to the Public Administration through MyBank on PagoPA. 

What can I pay using MyBank with PagoPA?

You can pay with PagoPA the amounts towards central and local Public Administrations (e.g. your Region, Municipality, school), or subjects such as enterprises with public participation, universities,and local health authorities, and for a wide range of services:  

  • Taxes (imu, tari, inail, car taxes, fines, etc.)
  • Schools, universities, membership fees,canteens
  • Utilities (water, electricity, gas, environmental services)
  • Telecommunications
  • Health
  • Other services or payments to Municipalities and Regions

Where should I log in to pay with MyBank on pagoPA? 

In order to pay with MyBank on pagoPa you need to access the site or app of the PA creditor body to which you have to pay the amount requested, for example to the site or application of the municipality, university, ACI, etc. 

What are the steps to pay with MyBank on PagoPA ? 

These are the simple steps to payfor instance, for your car tax from ACI website ( 

Access the website to which to you have to pay a service, by using the required identification method. 

2 Select “bank account” among the payment methods offered on PagoPA.  

3 Select your own bank (where you see the MyBank logo) and you will be automatically redirected to the online banking system of your bank, where you will access with your usual user credentials (username, password and token). 

A pre-filled SEPA credit transfer will be displayed and after having checked the correctness of all data, you simply need one click to authorise the payment. The payment will be processed in fast and secure way directly from your bank account. You will get immediate confirmation of the payment execution both from your bank and from the PA. 

If you need to make any further payment towards a Public Administration entity, the procedure will be similar: you can find all necessary  information here. 

For more details you can contact us directly, or write a message on the forum of the Italian public digital services (  

27 Feb 2019



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