Simona Amodeo
Web Marketing Manager, Borgione
From an historic physical stationery shop in the heart of Turin to an innovative children didactics ecommerce. What are the major turning points in Borgione company’s life?

Borgione’s roots go back to over 50 years ago, when it started as a shop for children teaching and learning products. In the 70s, it had already become a reference point for school teachers: initially, business was mainly limited to Italy’s Piedmont region, then Borgione gradually became well-known at national level.

As the world continued to evolve, we needed to keep in step with the times to meet market demand. A major turning point was the year 2000, when company founders’ second-born daughter Elena Borgione and her husband Tati Bavastrelli, today’s CEO, acquired the family business.

From that moment onwards enormous progress was made. In 2013, our ecommerce dedicated to schools, consumers and professionals was launched. In 2016, we moved to larger premises with high-tech logistics and a young, growing team. Today, we are working on many different projects and some of them will be finalised in just a few weeks.

How would you describe Borgione’s ecommerce today?

For over 50 years we have been offering the best products to the delight of children.

Today, a carefully selected product range is available to families, teachers and further professionals on our ecommerce: from games and stationary to creative products and furniture. Our website is regularly updated, both in terms of technology and content. Year after year, we expand our offerings based on market evolution: new payment methods, new tools to offer more customised customer experience, etc.

Our digital team is growing, too. Two new team members joined us last autumn.

Who are the customers and users of your online sales channel?

We have a very broad target audience: from teachers to school secretaries purchasing material for schools, to families, therapists, retailers and further private companies. In short, anyone concerned with children education and childhood.

Borgione has remained faithful to its company values, with quality and reliability as focus No.1. Your website displays different quality labels that show special attention to these aspects. How important are they to you and what other initiatives are you committed to?

Our mission is to stimulate skills and emotional development in children to help them grow up happy, become respectable people, and be able to build a sustainable future. We do this by inspiring adults with our products, advice and ethics.

Our values drive our choices: we exclusively select certified and safe products, with a focus on eco-friendliness. Sustainability is highly important to us: about one year ago, our “Borgione Forest” was born, which already counts 500 trees in 8 countries around the world.

Beyond our attention to nature, we put security and user protection at the top of our priorities as we want our website to be a safe environment. We have been Netcomm members (Italy’s eCommerce Association) for about ten years now and have already obtained several quality labels. Last but not least, we always provide certified customer reviews to help new website users better understand who we are and what our stardards are.

Are checkout customer experience and payments also crucial to you in terms of brand e-reputation?

Absolutely yes. The checkout is certainly one of the key phases in the customer journey and the one that can generate the highest levels of frustration.  Until the pre-pandemic period, the number of users who bought online was lower, however customers were more digital-savvy. In this historical moment, where almost everyone has become an e-shopper, we need to pay attention to people’s different needs and habits. Not all users have a payment card. We need to offer more options.

Why did you decide to integrate MyBank?

We cannot assume that all customers do have a credit card and are willing to use it for an online transaction. On many occasions, our customers asked us to have the possibility to pay by bank transfer, but we were aware of the challenges this option implied in terms of effort and processing times.

With MyBank, however, not only the payment confirmation is received in real time, but the transaction is irrevocable. Therefore, we do not need to wait for the money to be credited to our bank account in order to manage customer orders.

How do MyBank payments meet your needs? What results have they help you achieve?

In addition to benefiting from the immediate certainty of payment collection, with MyBank the daily check of current accounts is no longer necessary and our administrative team is relieved of complicated manual data matching.

Collections through MyBank allow streamlined processes.

What are your favourite channels to promote your brand online and how do you use them?

We use various online channels that follow the different steps of the customer journey.

We do ADV through the most popular channels, we do a lot of content marketing through our blog and our newsletters, we also focus on social networks, particularly Instagram and Facebook. Furthermore, we implement marketing automation platforms as far as our website is concerned.

Back-to-School countdown will begin in a few weeks. How does your business get ready for this busy season? 

Back to school is certainly one of our busiest times of the year, also because our new catalogues are launched around the same time. Several promotions are foreseen for September (discount codes, new products and much more).

9 Aug 2022



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