Valentina Muraglia Aquila Energie
Valentina Muraglia
CFO, Aquila Energie
Quality is the key feature when it comes to products and services provided by Aquila Energie.
Is the quality of the payment experience also relevant for customer retention?

In terms of payment experience, quality definitely counts and plays a role that can be vital to improve customer retention. MyBank allows us to speed up payment operations as well as to make them more secure, thus ensuring a service level that supports a trusted relationship with our counterparts.

Nowadays, CFOs, as managers of their company’s financial resources, also play an important role in improving business efficiency. How does MyBank supports you in achieving this objective?

Business efficiency improvement goes through the simplification of work processes.

Any projects aiming at process digitisation and complexity reduction are pivotal to ensure those efficiency and efficacy standards that are at the core of what we do at Aquila Energie.

In our specific case, the MyBank solution makes real-time monitoring of customer fuel delivery payment possible, which also streamlines the work of fuel delivery drivers, who are no longer in charge of checking the actual payment collection. All this translates itself in minimized credit issues as well as minimized delays or blocked deliveries.

The irrevocable transactions and the immediate certainty of payment offered by MyBank create value for businesses. Why should further companies consider benefitting from this opportunity?

Collecting payments immediately and securely, as it happens with its online-banking based solution, provides businesses with the opportunity to optimise their internal processes, contain costs, speed up collection-related activities, while facilitating customer operations.

Payment traceability is certainly one more added value of the solution, also from a business procedures compliance and control perspective.

Aquila stands for “eagle” in Italian: your brand represents a moment of energy recharge for the traveller. A pleasant break for people and their cars, to get back on their way fully revitalized. Exactly like an eagle.
Based on your experience, how could we describe MyBank from the point of view of a merchant/business using its solution to collect payments?

MyBank is a secure way to make and receive payments. It is a solution that enables access to services that wouldn’t be possible to activate or buy otherwise.

The very moment a transaction is approved, there is no need to worry about the certainty of the payment collection.

Aquila Energie is Sustainability Leader 2022: it got included and recognised on the list of the most 200 sustainable companies by Statista in cooperation of Il Sole 24 Ore.
How do digital payments support your commitment towards sustainability?

Undoubtedly, the aspects Aquila Energie is mostly committed to in terms of ESG, are transparency, traceability and reliability.

From this perspective, the fact of being able to count on a traceable and secure digital payment system definitely contributes to further consolidate the reputation of the company and of its brand towards its stakeholders.

21 Mar 2023



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