Streamlined processes with MyBank

The pan-European payment solution, which allows you to shop and pay online via immediate bank transfer through your internet banking, has made Strong Customer Authentication its key feature since its launch.

The results of putting users’ security at the core of its solution? A year-over-year growth in recorded transactions, exceeding the 10 billion euro threshold in terms of transaction value.

No wonder: when it comes to electronic payments, reliability and security – combined with a frictionless experience for the user – are key.

Immediate payment confirmation, irrevocability of the transaction, streamlined business processes and 100% automatic reconciliation are among the most appreciated features of MyBank solution. In particular, certainty of the transaction is an asset for both shoppers and sellers, as it allows merchants to process orders quicker and, as a consequence, to offer extremely competitive services.

MyBank benefits for businesses were recently discussed at Salone dei Pagamenti, the top Italian event dedicated to the future of payments, on the occasion of MyBank workshop featuring some of its success stories.

Among these, the positive experience shared by global payment platform HiPay, fuel distribution network leader Kuwait Petroleum Italia, exclusive distributor of Wind Tre products and services Kolme, BNP Paribas Group payment company in Italy Axepta, Italian Public Administration payment platform pagoPA, travel agencies’ solutions and services provider Easy Market, Italian payments hub Axerve, and digital “piggy bank” Gimme5.

The testimonials coming from businesses belonging to very different sectors confirmed how MyBank can help and be a valuable asset in a variety of industries.

21 Nov 2019

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