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Axerve Ecommerce Solutions offers the possibility to accept payments via MyBank, with no need to request the activation of the service as this payment system is already part of both the standard Axerve Ecommerce Solutions Gateway contract and the Axerve Pay by Link one, the latter being the platform enabling payment requests via email that do not require businesses to have an online store.

How to integrate MyBank on Axerve Ecommerce Solutions

Once they have identified the integration option more suitable to their needs within the section “Technical configurations” of the Axerve technical documentation, merchants can make the MyBank button available to customers thanks to the “Payment Type Detail” feature.

By directly selecting <paymentType>MYBANK</paymentType> in their call to Encrypt method of WsCryptDecrypt web service on Axerve Ecommerce Solutions, buyers will find a page where they will be able to choose their bank among those available for this payment method.

Merchants who want to use “Payment Type Detail” for MyBank must be able to show to their buyers the list of the banks available for this payment method.

They can store the list of those banks in their local storage and keep it updated by periodically calling the methods CallMyBankListS2S of WsS2S web service.

These methods will return a list of banks that buyers will be shown to finalise the payment. Such list will not  need to be updated for each single transaction, however it may be necessary to perform an update every day as MyBank’s participating banks may change on a daily basis.

The update consists of a complete replacement of each list with the new values returned by WsS2S web service.

The merchant page should show the list of the bank names (BankNames) and use the corresponding bank code (BankCode).

The BankCode must be used for the paymentTypeDetail tag, while calling the Encrypt method of WsCryptDecrypt web service, as a value for MyBankBankCode, depending on the payment method.

For example, for a MyBank transaction for which the buyer has chosen “Name of X Bank”, the merchant should call encrypt method with a group of specific values.

To retrieve the MyBank Bank List, the correct WSs2s web service method to use for this purpose is callMyBankListS2S.

Before using this method, it is necessary to assign to WSs2s the relevant required information:

  • shopLogin (merchant code)
  • languageID (Id of the language of the Bank List).


The callMyBankListS2S method retrieves the MyBank Bank List from Axerve Ecommerce Solutions.

After the callMyBankListS2S method has been performed, it is possible to know the outcome of the operation by using the values in the relevant fields.

More detailed information for the integration, including all technical values mentioned in this article along with some practical examples, can be found on the Axerve page dedicated to MyBank.

12 Jul 2022



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MyBank privati