Press Release
The European Payment Service Provider now includes MyBank on its payment platform thus, enabling merchants to offer the trusted bank transfer-based payment solution that helps minimize chargebacks whilst optimizing the user experience.

Paris, 11 January 2023 – MultiSafepay, one of the leading European Payment Service Providers working with ecommerce merchants, announced the integration of MyBank on its platform today. MyBank is the pan-European e-payment solution, which enables users to make and receive payments through an immediate, irrevocable and pre-filled bank transfer.

With MyBank, merchants will enjoy several advantages including irrevocable payments with instantaneous confirmation, minimized fraud-related risks and 100% automatic reconciliation. With a network of banks and PSPs counting over 250 participants, MyBank offers payments that take place directly in the customers’ online banking environment with no maximum transaction amount limit, via a fully pre-filled and non-editable wire transfer, enabling cost-efficiency and overall process optimization.

Through this integration, MultiSafepay allows merchants to attract users who are reluctant to share their data with third parties or are looking for alternative payment methods to credit cards. Concerning the user experience, both consumers and business users will benefit from a swift and secure payment method that has always been at the forefront of transaction security and identity protection. Furthermore, with its simplicity of use, MyBank is easily embraced even by users less adept at using technology.

One more advantage for MultiSafepay merchants is that MyBank can be activated instantly through their platform, with no waiting times or checks required.

“The integration of MyBank allows us to expand and further diversify our payment method mix with a fully trusted and efficient solution. Moreover, it helps us better meet Italy’s customer needs, where MultiSafepay is seeing exponential growth and, at the same time, support the internationalization strategy of foreign businesses wishing to expand into the Italian market. Our customers’ response to MyBank is very positive, with the immediacy and the security of payments being among the top appreciated features” – comments Philippe De Vydt, Head of International Sales at MultiSafepay.

More than 36% of users do not finalize their purchase if their preferred payment option is not available [1]. Therefore, the innovation and digitization of the market are everyone’s commitment: they also go through players like MultiSafepay that, thanks to the integration of MyBank, expand their opportunities with an account-to-account payment method, which is able to streamline people’s life and meet market evolution expectations” – says Tarik Zerkti, CEO at PRETA, the company that owns and manages MyBank.