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MyBank privati

Pay online safely and easily
with an immediate bank transfer
from your own bank account.

MyBank privati

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Activate MyBank and start
receiving customers’ payments
via irrevocable bank transfers.

MyBank privati

MyBank partners

Join MyBank network
and learn how we can
work together.


Over 260 banks and PSPs have already joined MyBank network throughout Europe.
Should your bank be one of these, you will be able to pay with MyBank with no additional registration.


MyBank privati


How does MyBank work?

You simply click on the “MyBank” button, select or enter the name of your bank or PSP, and you are automatically redirected to the secure online banking platform.
You simply log in to your online banking with your usual access credentials, check the payment information on the pre-filled transfer form and just confirm the payment with one click. You will then return to the merchant website.

How do I sign up to MyBank?

You can use MyBank through your bank’s online banking service. If your bank is part of MyBank
network, then you have automatically access to it – no sign up needed!
Click here for a list of banks offering MyBank.

I cannot find my bank or PSP in the list of MyBank buyer banks

This means that your bank or PSP does not yet provide MyBank services. If you would like to be able to use MyBank, please fill in the contact form and we will then contact your PSP.

Where can I pay with MyBank?

You can pay on any merchant and public administration website showing the MyBank logo.
Discover some of the merchants offering MyBank payments.

Whom can I contact regarding my purchase or payment?

Any questions you have regarding payments should be addressed to your PSP, whilst questions regarding your purchase order should be addressed to the merchant.

As a merchant, how can I add MyBank to my website payment page?

In order to activate the MyBank payment button on your website or accept payments by link, we kindly invite you to get in contact with one of the participating banks.

MyBank privati