#InaNutshell: What is MyBank?

What is MyBank

MyBank is an e-payment solution that enables irrevocable wire transfers with immediate confirmation.

Alternative to more conventional payment methods, such as cards and further methods, MyBank allows to use the online banking environment for fast, reliable and secure transactions with no need for new registrations and no apps to download. Click here to see how it works.

Furthermore, MyBank is an efficient and easy-to-integrate payment collection solution for businesses, freelance professionals, non-profit organisations and public administration entities. Click here to find out its advantages.

MyBank solutions are provided by banks and further Payment Service Providers.
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MyBank: features and advantages



Immediate payment
➡️ Real-time transaction confirmation for both
payers and payees: no payment processing waiting times

Immediate certainty of payment
➡️ Transactions are irrevocable and with
real-time confirmation: you have immediate SCT collection
certainty, with no need to wait for processing times.
As a result, business processes are optimised

Pre-filled bank transfer form
➡️ Fast and frictionless: no need to type in
lengthy bank codes or further data

No amount limits
➡️ No maximum amount limit for the transactions,
provided the necessary funds are available on the payer’s
bank account: the ideal solution for mid-to-high tickets

No activation needed
➡️ No need for new registrations, additional
passwords or apps to download. Your existing credentials
for accessing the online banking service are everything you need

Simple and cost-effective integration
➡️ Easy and cost-effective to integrate: only a few
minor integrations are needed to implement it
on your e-commerce website

No amount limits
➡️ No maximum amount limit for your transactions:
payments of any amount are allowed as long as
the necessary funds are available on your bank account

Online payment collection even with no ecommerce
➡️ Available for activation through pay-by-link solutions:
digital payment collection is easily done with payment links
sent to payers via email, sms or via a QR code

Digital identity protection
➡️ Your personal data always remain safe,
with no third-party sharing

Compliance with PSD2, AML, FATF, GDPR EU Directives
➡️ No need to store sensitive data or make further
investments for law compliance

Secure transactions
➡️ Transactions via MyBank are secure:
its e-authorisation processes are based on
a SCA architecture and on up-to-date secure
web standards and protocols

With 100% automatic reconciliation
➡️ MyBank transfer form is fully pre-filled and the transaction
is irrevocable: payment data can never be confused, modified,
cancelled. As a result, cash flow is optimised

Traceable payments
➡️ All payments are recorded on your bank
account: any transactions can be monitored and traced

Minimised frauds and chargebacks
➡️ Thanks to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
systems, fraud and chargeback related risks are minimized

Anywhere and on any device
➡️ Based on SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area),
MyBank can be used throughout Europe and from
any device (pc, smartphone or tablet)

Increased conversions and average ticket
➡️ Frictionless, fast and secure payments with no
transaction amount limit result in an increase
of both conversions and average ticket value

29 Aug 2022



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