Silvio Caligiuri Head of Treasury & Billing_Axpo Italia
Silvio Caligiuri
Head of  Treasury & Billing, Axpo Italia
Axpo Italia: the company’s history

Founded in 2000 during the transition to a free-market system, today Axpo Italia is a major player with a presence along the entire energy chain as well as the fourth largest business in the Italian free market. By bringing Axpo Group’s international experience to the local market and with the belief that energy procurement plays a key role in determining a company’s competitiveness, Axpo Italia creates value in the Italian energy supply chain.

Our professional expertise in energy trading and sales, combined with our sustainable solutions, differentiate our company from other energy providers and make us the best energy partner for top businesses, consumers, traders, and indipendent power producers. We have always strived to assist Italian businesses and today, we are at the forefront of providing 360-degree support in their energy transition processes thanks to the development of tailor-made solutions to fit their needs.

Major challenges and needs

Innovation and new technology application are cross-cutting issues in any activities we work on for our customers and all our counterparts. As we aim to be a trustworthy, sustainable and innovative partner, we are constantly committed to offer state-of-the-art solutions and an extensive range of services. Meeting the evolving and increasingly digital needs of our customers is our most challenging objectives and definitely among our major areas of focus.

What solution(s) did you opt for and how has MyBank helped your business reach this objective?

On one hand, our broad customer portfolio and the massive volumes of active invoices to collect have led us to offer a wide range of payment options, and, on the other hand, to adopt versatile reconciliation tools to make collection processes more efficient.

These steps have been taken to ensure timely customer payment collection and to promote a stable cashflow as well as increased efficiency in managing the comparison of the company’s internal record of transactions against the invoices issued at our end.

What results have you achieved?

MyBank successfully meets both needs with a cost-effective solution. It allows customers to pay with an intuitive tool from the familiar environment of their own online banking, whose platform is perceived as secure and less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

At the same time, MyBank payments provide all the data that are needed by our Treasury Dpt., thus enabling automatic reconciliation between bank transfers and invoices paid by customers, with minimised effort and maximised process efficiency at our end.

With such an efficient collection process, reprocessing and customer interaction are also minimised, thus reducing back-office costs and ensuring a frictionless user experience.

17 May 2022



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