After 2020, the worst year in tourism history, which saw an overall contribution of tourism to total GDP in Europe halved from 9.5% in 2019 to 4.9% due to the impact of the pandemic [1], and 2021, with a timid rebound but still -37% of nights spent at EU tourist accommodation establishments compared with 2019 [2], summer 2022 may be the time for ‘revenge travel’.

The latter, a concept that has emerged referring to a traveller’s mindset in a post-pandemic environment, is making consumers more eager to travel and explore the world after long periods of lockdowns and restrictions: 73% of European travellers are planning to embark on a holiday between June and November 2022. [3]

Encouraging signs of recovery in the sector are being confirmed by the data coming from MyBank’s e-payment solution, pan-European account-to-account alternative payment method and collection tool used by a growing number of Travel & Tourism businesses. In the month of May alone, transactions made via MyBank towards travel industry players have seen a 87% rise in value compared with the same period in 2019. At the same time, the number of transactions has risen by 27% compared with May 2019.

In recent months already, B2B and B2C travel industry players offering MyBank payments were showing signs pointing to a recovery in full swing.

Among them, Volonclick, innovative B2B dynamic packaging provider for new generation travel agencies belonging to Milan-based Volonline Tour Operator, that had already closed out a record February with a 38% increase in turnover compared with the same period in 2019, has seen a 55% growth in March compared with three years ago. [4]

“Over the last few months, the requests for services at Volonclick have radically changed. First of all, we have been increasingly receiving last minute reservations. Secondly, today, flight+hotel and multi-destination travels account for 80% of our sales. Thus, Volonclick is increasingly becoming an OTO (Online Tour Operator). As a result, we have a higher average order value. In this context, MyBank’s payment solution has supported our business by meeting two crucial needs: it allows a simplified management of payments for tour operators with regards to last minute purchases thanks to its irrevocable wire transfer with real-time confirmation, and it eliminates any problems linked to maximum transaction amount limits typically encountered with card payments, streamlining the sales at travel agencies’ end.” said Luca Adami, CMO and CTO at Volonline.

WeRoad, Europe’s biggest community of travellers specialised in group tours on the road to more than 90 destinations around the world, which demonstrated remarkable resilience during the pandemic crisis with a turnover of 9 million euros in 2020 and 10 million euros in 2021, aims to more than double their results this year, with a forecast of 25 million euros. [5]

Confidence is in the air: Gattinoni Group, leading player in Leisure Tourism, MICE and Business Travel for some 40 years already, named their recent event held in the company hub in Milan with their team, partners and press, “Restart”. [6]  Only a few days ago, an important business announcement followed: their 100% acquisition of Robintur Travel Group is officially completed, giving birth to the biggest independent network within tourism distribution in Italy. [7]

“Digitisation and e-payment systems have played a crucial role for the “restart” we are now experiencing, where transformed customers’ behaviour and buying patterns have to be taken into account. The one with MyBank has been a successful strategic partnership for our business as it allows us to benefit from an easy-to-use, secure and immediate online payment system with no transaction amount limit”, said Sergio Testi, General Manager at Gattinoni Group.

“We are extremely pleased to see how travel industry players are progressively regaining their confidence. The tourism sector has faced truly critical challenges in the last couple of years: not only has the COVID-19 pandemic caused the loss of 120 million jobs worldwide, but its impact on tourism has also contributed to the total loss of GDP by 37% in Italy alone.” commented Giorgio Ferrero, Executive Director at Preta, the company that owns and manages e-payment solution MyBank. “We are pleased to help businesses in the travel sector rebound stronger with our inclusive payment and collection tool that supports efficiency, thus boosting competitiveness”.










29 Jun 2022



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