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Thanks to the advancement in logistics, the reduction of shipping costs and the comfort of buying large products directly from home, buying furniture online has become a common thing and e-commerce furniture sales are booming: worldwide online furniture sales are expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 11.9% between 2018 and 2022, resulting in a market volume of $294 billion in 2022. [1]

Therefore, we selected our favourite furniture websites and created a list for you to get inspiration from!


The added value of Arredatutto is the product catalogue and the number of languages/countries covered on their website, where over 25000 products from more than 250 brands are offered.

In order to make the checkout faster, clients can purchase as guests and can calculate the shipping costs before finalising the shopping experience.

There are various payment options, including MyBank, which is useful especially to pay for large amounts, having no plafond or amount limits.


Leader in the online sale of products for bathroom, garden and interior decoration, the design of Deghishop.it immediately catches the eye, with orange as a main colour.

What makes the purchasing process easy and transparent is displaying – before arriving at the final checkout page – all the different payment options available with logos, the estimated shipping costs and timing and the option to open a ticket to request more info about the product in fast way, with a click of a button.

Especially using methods such as MyBank, which allows to pay directly from the Internet or Mobile Banking and with the usual credentials, the purchase happens in just a few clicks, with no useless steps or further registrations.

IKEA – Greece

Who doesn’t know IKEA? The Sweden multinational company leader in the sale of furniture, accessories and other household products offers an online shopping experience as easy as shopping in the IKEA stores: you can purchase online to have products delivered directly to you in a few days, with the additional assembly service, upon request.

The website design is modern, simple and easy-to-use. The browsing experience from start to checkout is fast and frictionless.

Being a huge multinational company, the payment offer is very important: IKEA accepts the most common payment methods and in some countries, such as Greece, there is the option of choosing MyBank at checkout – allowing for cross-border transactions.


KASANOVA is the story of an Italian entrepreneur that since 1968 sells low budget home living furniture.

The website displays high quality photos with attractive colours and an interesting blog where content writers provides the clients with tips, news and inspirational ideas! The navigation is easy and clear calls to action are placed well to attract the customer’s eye.

On the UX side, everything works as it should, at the checkout most common payment methods are available at checkout, including MyBank – immediate online wire transfer to shop in very secure way.


One of the leaders when it comes to e-shops selling Italian design products for the house, kitchen and living. The style and the high quality of Sambonet are reflected by the look of the website, which is clean, modern and elegant.

Navigation is the backbone of the website: the bar is organised by specific categories in a logical and intuitive way to make it easier to search for products.

The payment options are all displayed in a table at checkout and it is possible to pay securely by many different payment methods, including MyBank. With MyBank the payment confirmation is immediate both for the merchant and the consumer, so there won’t be additional waiting time to process the order and ship the goods, which can be shipped immediately.


Today shopping online for furniture is now as easy as buying from physical stores and allows clients to avoid all the confusion, the waiting time and the discomfort of transporting large products home from the store.

For clients it is important to buy from websites that offer a clean, high-quality user experience, that give the right importance to design, colours, photos and to making the steps from landing on the website, to arriving at checkout as easy as possible.

The payment options are a fundamental part of the process: payment methods that allow clients to complete the purchase in frictionless way and with no amount limits, are the best to ensure a great purchasing experience and to improve the sales on a furniture online shop.

Whether you are a merchant or a consumer, always choose to offer – or to pay – with payment methods that are simple, secure and trusted. MyBank is here ready to help you.


[1] https://www.statista.com/chart/14771/e-commerce-sales-of-furniture/

17 Oct 2019



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