#InaNutshell: How to activate MyBank

How to activate MyBank

Discover how to make MyBank payments as a consumer and how to activate MyBank payments collection as a business.


Activating MyBank is very simple. However, it is necessary to make a distinction between buyers (consumers) and companies wishing to use MyBank to make their online payments, and businesses interested in implementing MyBank to collect payments via an irrevocabile, pre-filled direct bank transfer with real-time confirmation.

Making online payments with MyBank

If you wish to use MyBank to make secure payments from your internet banking, no activation process will be needed. Basically, if your bank is already part of the MyBank network, no set-up will be required as the relevant services will already be integrated within the home banking system provided by your bank.

Wishing to check if your bank is part of MyBank network?

Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit, Banca Sella, Gruppo ICCREA, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, and Cassa Centrale Banca are only a few examples of banks allowing you to pay online with MyBank. Over 260 banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) have activated MyBank; here you will find a comprehensive and regularly updated list: https://mybank.eu/participating-banks-and-psps/.

Check if the name of your bank is included and, if so, you will be able to use MyBank for your payments with no additional requests or further steps.

With MyBank, neither new registrations nor new passwords will be required.

MyBank transaction fees are those of a standard bank wire transfer or based on your bank’s own contractual terms and conditions.

Looking for further information? Please contact us via Contacts and Support.

Collecting MyBank payments

If you are a business wishing to add MyBank to the payment methods accepted for collection, you need to get in contact with your bank or with one of the Payment Service Providers (PSPs) that are part of our network.

Please consider that it is not necessary to have a website to collect MyBank payments: thanks to the Pay-per-Link option, you will be able to benefit from MyBank digital solution. For more detailed information on this option, please get in touch with our support here.

Even though related fees, contractual aspects as well as MyBank solution integration on your website will be entirely managed by your bank or PSP, we will be more than happy to support you in case any further advice to get the most out of our payment solutions is needed at your end.

You will find the full list of banks and PSPs offering MyBank services at this link: https://mybank.eu/participating-banks-and-psps/.

Looking for further information? Wishing to better understand how to implement the MyBank payment button on your website? Please get in touch with us via Contacts and Support.

25 Mar 2021



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MyBank privati