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Paris, 20th September 2022 – PRETA S.A.S., the owner and manager of the payment solution MyBank – which enables consumers, businesses and public administration authorities to authorise and collect irrevocable SEPA Credit Transfers online – opens up its centralised interface, the MyBank Gateway, to Payer Payment Service Providers (Payer PSPs).

With the enhancement of its interface, which was launched two years ago for Payee PSPs, PRETA, a fully owned subsidiary of EBA CLEARING, intends to now facilitate the onboarding of Payer PSPs across Europe by easing their integration into MyBank through a direct connection model using a new set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

By leveraging the MyBank Gateway, PSPs wishing to enable account-to-account payments for their customers under a trusted brand, with immediate confirmation and automated reconciliation, can benefit from a fast onboarding and integration experience with reduced development and maintenance costs.

We aim to make the integration of the MyBank solution even simpler and more affordable. The MyBank Gateway becomes a key component for PRETA to enable the Payment Service Providers of both Payees and Payers to join our network,” said Tarik Zerkti, CEO of PRETA. “We trust this additional connection model will raise interest of PSPs that wish to enable their customers to pay their goods and services online using bank transfer.”

With the rise of payments based on bank transfer that are expected to grow by 20% in the next three years [1], MyBank represents an efficient, alternative payment solution that has always been at the forefront of transaction security and digital identity protection. Pan-European by design, MyBank offers a smooth and customer-centric experience that allows payers to use their familiar online and mobile banking interfaces for their digital payments.



[1] Global Payments Report 2020 – Worldpay