How to integrate MyBank with PayPal

As a merchant using PayPal, you can also accept MyBank payments by simply requesting PayPal to activate this alternative method.

If you already have an active PayPal account for your business, adding the MyBank payment button on the checkout page is a very simple procedure, however it is vital to make sure you correctly follow a few fundamental steps.  

The standard PayPal integration covering all payment methods, requires merchants to call the Payments API to authorize transactions.

MyBank involves an additional key step, i.e. what in technical jargon is called webhook, a communication mechanism which is essential for optimising the purchasing experience and enhancing conversion rates.

In case of an integration using API v2/orders, PayPal sends a CHECKOUT.ORDER.APPROVED webhook to the merchant. The final transaction process at the merchant’s end is initiated via this mechanism.

If merchants have not implemented this specific step, a CHECKOUT.PAYMENT-APPROVAL.REVERSED will be sent to them by PayPal in order to notify that the transaction has been cancelled by the customer, who will get reimbursed.

For more detailed information, please refer to point 6 (Handle webhook events) on the MyBank integration page: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/checkout/apm/mybank/.

Although this is a standard mechanism as far as alternative payment methods is concerned, PayPal also foresees an option where PayPal itself completes the payment process on behalf of the merchant.

This option, which is also illustrated on the integration document, significantly streamlines the whole procedure and  is made by setting “processing_instruction on ORDER_COMPLETE_ON_PAYMENT_APPROVAL“.

This is the recommended procedure.


Please note: it may happen that users, once the payment is approved on their online banking, actually close the browser without returning on the merchants’ website. If merchants have not implemented the recommended integration procedure, they will neither receive the payment nor the customer order notification. At the same time, users will automatically get reimbursed by PayPal (an email notification will also be received at their end), however they will need to place the order once again and repeat the whole procedure.

To avoid causing them any inconvenience, let’s make sure that the described recommended integration procedure is followed.

1 Jun 2022



MyBank privati

MyBank privati