Black Friday

Cyber week and e-shopping increasingly go hand in hand: nowadays, bargain hunting takes place mainly online, with traffic peaks on Black Friday and Cyber Monday up to seven times higher than those of an average day.

Discounted computers, smartphones, headphones, speakers, audio systems and televisions will be just some of the most sought-after items.

From a marketing perspective, acquiring new customers is one of the big opportunities linked to the most profitable events of the year. To this purpose, effectively preparing the target audience is key: retailers should make the most out of social media as well as of further channels such as text messaging, eventually using pre-launch campaigns to “tease” users.

Marketing and promotions aside, however, it is the website to be King: ecommerce stores should be well organized and able to meet users’ needs.

So, how do you prepare your ecommerce site for these two intense days that mark the start of Christmas shopping season?

Getting your consumer electronics eshop ready for high traffic peaks


Your website homepage needs to be impeccable: highest quality graphics along with highest-resolution images should be featured, and it needs to be responsive. This is an essential aspect, which should not be underestimated: your site  must be capable of reshaping itself depending on various screen sizes and resolutions, from largest on the computer to smallest on mobile device.

Keep in mind that the number of mobile shoppers is skyrocketing, with Europe now leading the world with 67% of traffic coming from this channel during the holiday season [1].

Make sure you are not losing any potential customers just because of a webpage that does not upload itself how it should.

Moreover, all payment methods accepted on your e-store should be well visible and displayed already on the homepage, in order to provide users with a clear picture of the way they will be able to pay their orders later on.

Product pages:

Consumer electronics product pages should contain simple, direct, comprehensive information. They need to provide users with pictures, descriptions and technical features of the products. Let’s have a look at the main elements:

Title: choose an effective text string to provide high-level information of the product such as brand’s name, product’s name, storage capacity, colour.

Photos: in Consumer Electronics, too, product images are crucial. Pictures should always be in high resolution and show the product from all relevant angles.

Description and technical features: provide as many details as possible in a concise and easily readable manner.

Reviews: displaying customer comments, reviews and star ratings on your product pages can be crucial for users who are considering to purchase a specific electronics item online. Try to include this kind of information in this section.

-Similar products: providing high-level information of products offered on your website that are similar to the one users are looking at, allows them to easily compare features and prices.

Shopping cart and checkout page

This is the most critical part of users’ online shopping experience on your website. If users are not able to find all relevant information and if content is not displayed with a well-structured layout, chances are they will not move forward with the purchase. The check-out phase should be reassuring and ensure customers a frictionless experience.

Are available payment methods well visible?

Is their logo and high-level description there? Help users find their way and rapidly choose among the options and, above all, make sure you reassure them with secure and reliable payment solutions.

A trusted payment method offered on your website increases consumers’ trust in your brand, with a positive impact on e-reputation and online sales.

A payment solution placing  users’ security at its core and allowing them to purchase online in just a few easy clicks with no need for new registrations or new passwords, directly from their internet banking like MyBank can be a valuable asset.

You can highlight these features along with the fact that when paying via MyBank no sensitive data are shared with any third parties and that no amount limits apply, thus allowing users not to affect credit limits of their credit/debit cards. During the checkout phase, users need to feel themselves in a protected, secure environment.


Events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important retail opportunities to grasp also for acquiring new customers.

Making sure your website is ready to manage high traffic peaks is key as well as avoiding and preventing cart abandonment as much as possible: shopping cart checkout is a crucial phase during which users need to be provided with clear and reassuring information.

In particular, the payment method is a key aspect: a secure transaction and a frictionless experience become crucial for the purchasing decision.

This is why a secure, immediate and frictionless payment solution like MyBank can be of great support to merchants, who can gain customers’ trust and increase the reliability of their ecommerce website.



27 Nov 2019

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