Imma Sarnacchiaro
Brand Designer, Ricciocaprese
Ricciocaprese is part of a historic Neapolitan company – Majello 1867 – known for the famous Capodimonte porcelain. The beautiful innovative creations have become a design icon of the sea of Capri. What story does your brand tell?

Ricciocaprese brand is inspired by an extraordinary location that is today famous all over the world. It tells about a life lived in wonderful places, immersed in the beauty of breathtaking landscapes: daily routine makes us less conscious of it, however this beauty enriches our eyes, our passions and it emerges in our creations that combine craftsmanship, colours and joyful design.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are mainly women, but also men, who love and care for the environment they live in and pay attention to detail. Today, we have boutiques in Kuwait, Sorrento and we are present in many hotels around the world -from Saint Tropez to Capri and Positano. Our creations have also landed in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

The first flagship store opened its doors in 2017. When was the website created and how did you approach the online channel?

Our website was created in 2009. Initially, its target audience only included retailers and buyers, Ricciocaprese being also a manufacturer – with a factory in the heart of Naples. So, our journey towards the digital channel has been relatively slow and our attention always focused on an elegant and non-invasive online presence. Our website has allowed us to expand our business and access new ways to promote our products: nowadays, going digital and having an online shop beyond a physical point of sales are truly necessary steps that generate new opportunities.

Ricciocaprese online presence was recently renovated: the new website is perfectly in line with the elegance and joyful style of your designs, a true triumph of colours! Was it already in your plans to renovate your website or did the lockdown period and the Covid-19 emergency lead you to further enhance the online channel given the increasingly growing trend of digital shopping?

Undoubtedly, during lockdown we observed a growth in website visits which led us to streamline our ecommerce site with the aim of providing more relevant and faster responses to our audience. People were forced to spend a lot of time at home and started to give a greater attention to their living space and to decoration as well-being factor. Online purchases have increased and online shops have become crucial, therefore improving our digital channel was key.

What are the cornerstones of your online marketing strategy and what tools do you use?

The channels we mainly use for promoting our design creations are social media and Google Ads. For our products, images represent the most powerful strategy. Within the world of design, images are an extremely effective element to attract the attention of people. Therefore, we focus on a careful selection of pictures: they are key when it comes to giving visibility to our creations. In short, we communicate a lot with photography.

Can you name your three most valuable tools for a successful e-commerce marketing strategy?

For us, providing a simple yet captivating navigation is the basic and crucial factor. It also becomes increasingly important not to bother potential buyers by asking them to enter thousands of details: making the purchase journey a longer process by adding unnecessary steps becomes a deterrent to online shopping. Users just want to be able to find, choose and purchase products on the wesite in a smooth, seamless way.

Another key aspect for us is monitoring shopping cart abandonment: to understand where and which friction has affected the customer journey allows us to review the process and improve whatever necessary.

How important to you is user experience on your website, with particular reference to the payment at check-out?

It is truly vital! At the slightest friction during the payment phase, the purchase process gets abandoned. Monitoring shopping cart abandonment allowed us to understand how crucial the final step is, when customers confirm their order by making their payment.

For us, being able to count on payment solutions that offer customers a frictionless experience is essential. We also give great importance to providing users comprehensive information on the available payment tools offered on Ricciocaprese e-shop: in addition to showing the relevant logos on our homepage, we provide a detailed description of all payment methods we accept in our ‘Terms and Conditions’ section. We believe it is key to provide customers with the full picture of how to place an order and make the payment: users reach the final shopping phase being more aware and the risk of cart abandonment significantly decreases.

Why did you decide to integrate MyBank and how does it fit your digital development strategy?

At Ricciocaprese, we took a gradual, progressive approach towards the online channel and such attitude and experience reflects that of many of our customers. With MyBank, we offer an innovative tool that does not require users to embrace a digital revolution: being able to pay directly from their online banking through a fully pre-filled wire transfer form, in an extremely user-friendly, rapid and secure way, reassures our online customers. Moreover, given the importance of not bothering users with unnecessary additional steps, MyBank allows us to offer a tool that does not require any new registrations or new passwords. Last but not least, being fully compliant to GDPR, it ensures the protection of our customer data, something we truly value.

What results and benefits do you see with MyBank?

MyBank is certainly a tool that allows us to “catch” users who do not wish to use other payment methods, for example due to credit-limit/plafond-related reasons. MyBank payments have no amount limits, the only limit being the funds availability on customers’ bank account. We are also gradually exploring and welcoming other features of MyBank: from an administrative point of view, this solution significantly streamlines our processes, thanks to 100% automatic reconciliation which optimises our backoffice operations, in favour of our designing and creative activities.

9 Oct 2020



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MyBank privati