Lorenza Zanardi
General Manager, Rajapack Italy
What makes your business remarkable?

Rajapack‘s website stands out for the variety and availability of its product offering: a wide range of items (around 4,000 – always available), services and special offers to customers, such as multi-site delivery, the largest choice of payment methods available on the web and much more.

The most recent innovations on our site have made navigation even faster, simpler and more intuitive, to ensure our customers a B2C experience while purchasing online from a B2B company.

Which are the main pillars of your strategy and which tools are you using to promote your activity online?

We have a multi-channel strategy, based on the distance selling of packaging systems and supplies to companies. As main channels we use our website, blog and social channels to stay in touch with our customers, in addition to the catalogue and the phone.

Do you register any transactions peak during the year? Are some periods more crucial than others?

In the last months of the year, with the increase of transactions, we register an increase in the number of customers, who choose our service to speed up the purchaseprocess.

Why did you choose MyBank and how this solution perfectly match with your digital strategy?

MyBank is perfectly in line with the customer-centric digital strategy of Raja Group. We chose its solution to streamline and speed up our payment processes as well as to offer our customers an easy, fast and secure method to finalise their orders.

Which results do you expect with MyBank?

MyBank is an alternative to traditional bank transfer, which lightens the control processes, and speeds up the buying process, while maintaining a very high level of security. This has allowed us to further improve our service!

How would you describe MyBank in 3 words?

There are three words that well represent the advantages of MyBank: Rapidity, Security, Integration!

Is MyBank appreciated by your customers and why?

Our customers have highly appreciated the integration of MyBank into our payment method offer! Within a field where speed is everything, being able to process orders even faster, without having to wait for the bank transfer to be credited, is certainly a great advantage.

4 Dec 2018

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MyBank privati