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When it comes to online user experience, customers expect to purchase online from your site in a seamless way, without any friction during the purchase and the payment process. There are a few simple things that you should keep in mind when it comes to provide a great and frictionless payment experience.

Frictionless payments make the purchasing process fast and simple, thus making the checkout phase a natural part of the customer buying experience. “Simply put, they make buying easier for the buyer and selling easier for the seller, effectively reducing churn and decreasing shopping cart abandonment, while increasing revenue and improving customer experience.” [1]

How to offer a frictionless experience? In the following list we will provide you with some tips that can really make the difference for your customers.

Offer one-click checkout options

Frictionless payments allow to complete the purchase in just a few clicks, providing a smooth, intuitive, and fast checkout. When you reduce the number of steps and clicks the user has to go through to complete the checkout, you will be able to also decrease the percentage of cart abandonment.

Avoid further registrations and data sharing

Especially in light of GDPR regulations, it is vital to protect your customers data and avoid any third-party sharing. Choose payment methods that do not require any additional registrations or passwords for your customers, and that do not share their data with other platforms.

Choose payments that provide anti-fraud systems

It is extremely important that payment methods are able to immediately identify and block fraud attempts, using systems such as Strong Customer Authentication. Strong authentication will play a predominant role to ensure cyber-security and user’s privacy protection, in a world where data breaches and frauds are more and more aggressive.[2]

Prefer payment methods that support app-to-app purchases

Choose payment methods that also support mobile payments. To offer a great purchasing experience and make the process as fast and easy as possible, also opt for payments that support app-to-app transactions, which provide a fast, smooth, cross-device checkout experience that can help you increase the conversion rate.[3]

Offer immediate confirmation of the transaction

Eliminate the waiting time at checkout by choosing payment methods that give both you and your clients the immediate confirmation of the successful transaction, thus making the purchasing process smoother while boosting customer trust.

Provide cross-border transactions

Not all payment methods provide a frictionless experience when it comes to international transactions, and not all of them support international purchases. When you select your payment offer, make sure to select payment systems that support cross-border purchases, especially at European level.

How MyBank offers a frictionless payment solution

MyBank is an e-payment solution that allows your customers to pay online directly from their Internet or mobile banking in just a few clicks, with no need of new registrations or passwords as it leverages the Strong Customer Authentication provided by the secure online banking environment.

MyBank supports domestic and cross-border payments across Europe, no matter if they are made on  mobile sites or app-to-app transactions.

MyBank helps you ensure a frictionless payment experience and improve your business e-reputation.


As a company selling online you want to offer a frictionless experience to your customers by ensuring a smooth payment process and a checkout phase that become a natural part of the whole purchasing process. Frictionless payments, such as MyBank, help companies achieve this goal while boosting conversions and sales from their online business.

29 May 2019



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