Giuseppe Codazzi
Data Scientist @ Gimme5
What makes your business remarkable?

Gimme5 is our online B2C focused service that offers MyBank as a payment channel. By stating itself as the first digital piggy-bank in Italy, its main goal is to allow easy deposits of small amounts of money, securely and at zero costs for our clients.

What are your main competitors?

In the field of products offered by Gimme5, which are related to investment funds with active management, we are definitely the only one in Italy. There are other realities that try to revolutionize the Italian saving market, but in terms of their offer and target audience, they are not our direct competitors.

Which web-marketing tools are you using to promote your activity online?

Currently Facebook and Google Adwords are our mostly used channel. We use also editorial products and content marketing, in the filed of financial education and savings. We care that our users and clients, and any other people interested in savings, are always well-informed on products, tools and features in our world.

Do you register any transactions peak during the year? Are some periods more crucial than others?

We haven’t registed noticeable seasonality periods, but we see indeed a larger propensity to save in January– the month of ‘good intentions’– and in Summer, when people have more time to dedicate to themselves, and luckily to their savings as well.

Why did you decide to integrate MyBank?

We chose MyBank because of its easiness of integration and its lower costs. On top of that, it is a great tool that ensures we deliver a secure and frictionless digital experience to our customers.

Which goals do you expect to accomplish with MyBank?

We chose to integrate MyBank on top of other payment methods to provide a wide range of ‘certified’ tools to add even small amounts of money to the Gimme5 piggy-bank. We have reached a good adoption of this tool, thanks to its simplicity and to its high-level of payment security and we hope that related volumes and trust will keep growing.

How would you describe MyBank with three payoffs?

MyBank, move your money in total security.
The democratic and digital tool for your payments.
Security and simplicity for your payments.

Is MyBank appreciated by your customers and why?

MyBank is recognized as a secure channel and as a great alternative to process digital payments. It’s appreciated by our clients and we are trying to increase its usage and trust by introducing it to whom has not used the method yet. We hope that the use of MyBank in many other realities and frameworks would further help this growth and the endorsement of innovative tools that has adopted it, such as Gimme5.


23 Mar 2018

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MyBank privati

MyBank privati